Conference language and translation

The conference has invited participants globally. However, all speakers and workshop holders will contribute in either Swedish or English.(A majority of our speakers/workshop holders will contribute in English.)If you are looking to attend an ACA meeting in another language, there will be a bookable room to host such initiatives. While we do not translate the workshops (most of which are held in English), we strive to be as inclusive as possible with regards to the meetings as follows:

  • ACA inner child morning meditation: share in your own language (meditation/manual in English).
  • ACA meetings that run throughout the day: there will be both Swedish and English manuals: the persons starting the meeting will decide together what is the best at that given moment. You can always share in the language of your choice.
  • Regular speaker meetings: we strive to have one Swedish and one English speaker in each regular speaker meeting. We are currently looking into translation solutions.
  • Opening, Main and Closing meeting: keynote speakers we are currently considering simultaneous translation for these meetings to be as inclusive as possible

Check back for details on our translation solution. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!