The 2020 ACA Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention were held virtually on April 23rd through April 26th 2020.  The 2020 AWC theme was “Global Connections Strengthen Our Recovery“.  Click here for the Delegate Binder and additional ABC materials

Download the available Audio, Slides, or Handouts from the sessions:

    • Global Members Sharing ESH: Israel, India, & South Africa Audio, Slides
    • Global ACA Without Borders Sharing ESH: Canada, India, Taiwan, & USA Audio, Slides
    • Global Members Sharing ESH: India, Israel, & South Africa Audio, Slides
    • German Speaking Region Speaker: Veronica Audio
    • French Canadian Fellowship Speakers: Dale & Greg Audio
    • San Francisco Speakers: Conway, Amina, & Denise Audio
    • Spain Fellowship Speaker: Sylvia Audio
    • Russian Fellowship Speaker: Roman L. Audio
    • New Literature Workshop: Audio
      Loving Parent(LPG) by Bonnie M LPG Handouts
      Getting Started Workshop by Charlie H Getting Started Slides
    • Traditions Workshop by Erin D. Audio, Slides
    • Healthy Communication Workshop by Rich R. Audio, Handouts
    • UK Fellowship Workshop by Beryl & Pat Audio
    • ACA Service Brings Us From Hurting to Healing to Helping Panel Discussion and Q&A by the Service Network Committee Audio, Slides
    • ACA Serenity Prayer Around the World in Multiple Languages AWC Closing  Audio, Handouts