2020 ABC and AWC – The Power of Sharing

April 23 to April 26 2020 – Boca Raton Florida, USA

ABC Information

The ABC is ACA’s Annual Business Conference where the ACA delegates participate in the discussion and voting as part of representing the views of the group, Intergroup or Region they represent.  

Remote Delegates – For the ABC, we encourage meetings who are unable to cover the cost of sending a delegate to have the delegate register as a Remote Delegate.  Remote Delegates need to register with the same link as other Delegates.  The deadline for Remote Delegate registration is April 5th.   More information about remote delegates can be found on the Delegate Training page.



AWC Information

The AWC is the ACA World Convention where we have ACA recovery workshops and speaker meetings.

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Meetings “around the clock”
  • Friday night opening speaker
  • Saturday night banquet, speaker and dance

Local Sightseeing Information – There are many amazing locations for day trips and vacations a short distance from South Florida…

For Members Outside the US, Canada and Bermuda – We encourage you to check the US State Department website often for visa requirements, updates or changes.  If you need a letter stating that you’ll be attending the ABC/AWC, please send an email to abc@adultchildren.org.   Link to the US State Department Visitor Visa Information

Scholarship Information – To request one of a limited number of $40 AWC registration fee scholarships, send an email to abc@adultchildren.org.  Please tell us why you are requesting a scholarship.

Room Sharing or Local Hosting – Members who are looking to share rooms at the hotel or would like to be hosted by a local fellow traveler can send an email to aca2020housing@gmail.com.



Shareable QR Code for Ballot Proposals

Need a quick way to share the Ballot Proposals with group members?  You can Download and share this QR Code for quick access to the 2020 ABC Ballot Proposals.  Some groups have printed it so members can scan it with their phone to quickly access the Ballot Proposal...

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Call for 2020 Annual Business Conference Chair

Nominations for the ABC Conference Chair will be accepted through March 1st and announced to the fellowship March 15th. In accordance with the OPPM: This decision will be based on the past experience attending ABCs as well as demonstrated ability to be effective in a...

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Flyers to Share

We have color and grayscale flyers available for downloading and sharing with groups and Fellow Travelers.

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2020 Ballot Proposal – Votes due by March 31st

ACA World Service received 16 Proposals in response to a Request for Proposals that was sent to all groups in August. On behalf of the Fellowship, we wish to thank the submitting groups for their efforts. These Proposals have been evaluated by WSO (the Board and...

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