Shared Accommodation

Shared accomadationShared Accommodation: If you wish to share a hotel room with another delegate but don’t know anyone or would be open to staying with a Toronto fellow traveller, please email:

Our Accommodation Coordinator will assist in connecting individuals together by way of email. Please include the dates you will be travelling and your contact information.

Disclaimer: We are only providing an introduction between ACA members. By asking for our assistance you acknowledge and agree to take on full responsibility for any arrangements made.

We have started to receive offers from the Local Toronto ACA Community.

We have an offer to host an International Traveller, not able to afford the lodging costs. The local ACA Traveller has a 1 bedroom in their family home, they speak both English and Polish & are offering to pick up the International fellow traveller at the airport.

Those interested in exploring contact us at and we will make an introduction.

* Male ACA looking to share hotel room with a male fellow traveller. Email us if interested.