Friday 21

5:00p - 9:00p Marathon Meetings - Traits 1 - 4 of the Laundry List

7:00p             Opening Speaker Meeting - Talk, Trust, Feel; Jim Y.

9:00p             Spoken Word And Music As Healing Tools; Beryl V.

Saturday 22

8:00a - 6:00p Marathon Meetings - Traits 5 - 14 of the Laundry List

9:00a              Opening Ceremony

10:30a           Workshop:       Addiction To Excitement; Saska R.
                      Workshop:       Non-dominant Handwriting; Dave S.

1:00p             Workshop:       Knowing That You Are Well; John D.
                       Panel:            Using The 12 Steps

3:00p             Workshop:       Boundaries; Mary Jo L.
                       Panel:             Self Care ~ Self Love

5:00p             Workshop:       Using The Internet For Recovery; Melinda
                       Panel:             Pathways To ACA

7:00p             Banquet with Keynote Speaker - From Hurting To Healing                        And Helping; Larry A.

9:00p              Party and Dance

Sunday 23

8:00a              Yoga

9:00a - 2:00p Marathon Meetings - Talk, Trust, Feel

9:30a              Panel:         Sponsorship
                       Panel:         Growing ACA

11:30a            Speaker Luncheon - Spirituality And ACA; Sherry C.

1:30p              Workshop: How To Be A Good Parent When Your Parent                           Wasn't; Rick J.
                        Panel:       Taking ACA To The World
                        Panel:       Applying ACA Principles In Daily Life

3:15p              Workshop:  Trauma Release Excercises; Art S.
                        Water Exercises

5:00p              Closing Ceremony