Resources for Delegates

In the following sections you can find resources to help you on your task to be a delegate to your group or intergroup. These resources have been gathered from the pages regarding delegate training found in the repository (storage) of 


Getting Started: A Guide for ACA Delegates

Getting started gives you a first insight into the duties of a delegate.



This is short for Operating Policies and Procedures Manual. To see what hides behind the words go and click the button.



These procedures are a body of rules governing meetings and operations of organizations to allow deliberation in order to reach decisions with least possible friction. Robert's Rules of Order and The Standard Code are two of the more common types of parliamentary procedures.


Robert's Rules

Henry Martyn Robert used to be an officer in the US Army, reaching the rank of Brigadier General. Mr. Robert also happened to be an engineer and author. He went forth to write and publish a manual back in 1876 that was originally called Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies while serving in the rank of  Major. 
The most recent edition, the 11th, was published 2011 and consists of 716 numbered pages. (source: Wikipedia article)
In ACA we won't need all these pages but still enough to conduct our business in conferences. 
I learned today that ACA in fact hasn't adapted Robert's Rules yet, but for the interested reader I suggest to click the button which will direct you to a 5 page document issued by San Diego State University (SDSU). You can find a PDF of a slideshow that is being used in delegate training by clicking the other button. 


Ballot Proposals

Even though your meeting has already voted on the Ballots Proposals and the deadline for voting has passed, they remain important to delegates and will be available for download from our site till after the convention. 


Glossary of Acronyms

As in all specialized areas in life adult children too love to throw around with acronyms that are seldom found outside the fellowship. And for this reason we are posting a glossary here.