ACA - A worldwide fellowship

Today there are about 1500 meetings all around the Globe. Our Convention committee has reached out to websites of intergroups around the world. And as of today we are being linked to from 3 Scandinavian countries, the U.K., Canada and numerous sites here in the States. But there is still room for improvement, if your area is entertaining an ACA website get in contact with our webmaster ( for the link and the official logo and link to our website. 

And if you don't have a website you can still get the word out to meetings in your area, we have flyers available for your meeting or Alano Club. Just follow this link

To ensure that the voice of your meeting is heard in our fellowship make sure to vote on the Ballot Proposals. The deadline for the vote is February 28th 2017. But even after that deadline there are ways of participation in the process, by electing a delegate and sending them to the conference April 20th & April 21st 2017.

We posted new information in the Delegate menu to answer questions regarding what it means to be a delegate.

We are looking forward to hear from you.