Past Delegates share their experience

The following four delegates want to share their experience from past conferences with you. 


Bill D., Miami, FL

My first experience with the ABC was not as a delegate, but rather as the Host Committee Chair. I was drafted into service at the ABC to be the chair of the business meeting. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. I have been active in another 12 step fellowship and attended many business meetings of that fellowship beyond the group level, but never with the worldwide reach that the ABC offers.


What the ABC did for me was make me realize that there is so much more to ACA beyond my home group and other local groups I attend. There were delegates there from Europe and South America present so it was truly an international business meeting. I was able to learn things about ACA that I may never have learned if I were to sit in my local group meetings for 20 years.


I have made friends with people from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast and across the pond to Europe as a result of getting out of my comfort zone and saying yes to the experience. It has changed me forever and I would encourage anyone who has not attended an ABC-AWC to buy the ticket and take the plunge! It will change your life; I know it did mine.


Laura L.,Orange County, CA

Attending an ABC is important for my recovery. Being in general service above the general meeting level is like giving my recovery the water its need to grow. I get to be with other ACAs in service. 

Being part of the conference makes me work on parts of my program that i can not work elsewhere.


Jim R., Brooklyn, NY

I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in the 2016 ABC in Delray, Florida.

Surprisingly, I found the ABC to be just like a basic group business meeting... challenging and tedious... which is the perfect medium for me to address, well, myself. How may I be of service? How might I participate... facilitate? I witnessed some personal growth.

Since the ABC, I have been involved with WSO in helping to plan future conferences and convention. And you can, too. Participation in open to all on committees, such as literature, intergroup, delegate training and service structure, just to name a few.

I am enjoying my journey in world service, meeting new friends and strengthening my recovery... and it all began when I attended a business conference.


Erin D., Norristown, PA

"It works if you work it!", takes on another dimension of recovery as a delegate and committee member. There is the thrill of being with so many fellow travelers and witnessing how everyone comes together for one common good at the business conference and experiencing and owning the gift of recovery at the World Convention.  The dedication of what seems like so few people to serve so many of us was a strong motivator for me to know I need to do my part on a world level. Though I felt like I had little to offer, the kindness and generosity of members showed me otherwise.  My favorite moment was at the end of the convention with everyone holding hands in a circle of hundreds. I had been to open meetings of other 12 Steps fellowships in times when ACoA meetings were sparse and I was humbled to take part in their huge circles at the end of a convention. This time it was our convention, my convention, it was a dream realized. ACA is here and flourishing like never before. "So work it, we're worth it!"