Evening activity thursday

What customs and traditions do we have in Sweden and how do we celebrate them?! This evening you will be introduced to the most common and unusual of them. Some might be not that easy to understand even for us, swedes. For example, you will get the explanation why do we dance like small frogs around a midsummer pole.

With “Swedish TT” you will travel through the traditions along the whole year only in one evening. Midsummer, crayfish party and Christmas are just some examples of them. All these and much more you will be able to experience in a unique restaurant out in the nature.

The evening will start with traditional games, such as “throwing a horseshoe”, “nail hitting”, “blocks” and other. Later on you will be invited to enjoy Swedish tapas with the best dishes from traditional Swedish cousin.  We will guide you through our customs and traditions, share the stories behind them and of course explain the origins of some traditional dishes.

After the food there will be a possibility to dance to the classical Swedish dance music, mixed with popular Swedish groups and singers, such as ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base and other.



Midsummer: Egg and herring sandwich

Easter food: Lamb and marzipan Easter egg

Crayfish party: Crayfish-Swedish cheese quiche, surströmming  (lightly-salted fermented Baltic Sea herring), would be suggested to taste outside the house

Autumn party: Goose, duck with red cabbage, eel

Christmas table: Steak herring, ham with mustard, sausages, meatballs

Other traditions: Cinnamonbun’s day, Shrovetidebun’s day

All dishes will be served in small portions in a buffet-style.


Everything whimsical and neatly served as small mini dishes. Come with us to experience a swedish festivity in all aspects!

Cost: 395 SEK

If you want to participate just add the thursday dinner alternative when you register.