Our Keynote Speakers

Following you will find short bios of our keynote speakers.


Jim Y.

Hope for a new day and life began when Jim joined ACA in 1993.  ACA not only saved his life but also gave him a brand new life filled with gratitude, abundance and joy.  He shares his hope and enthusiasm for living by participating in service with workshops, seminars, trainings, personal mapping assistance and by listening.


Sherry C.

Sherry Cothran went from being the lead singer of a popular, major label rock band to embark on a spiritual journey. She ended up at Vanderbilt University's Divinity School with a seminary degree and working for a decade with homeless, immigrants, refugees and the poor at an urban church in Nashville where she served as pastor. It is also the place where she found recovery through a women's ACA group meeting at the church. Now in her third year of ACA, Sherry combines her songs and stories in her presentation of ongoing experience, strength and hope from trauma and religious dysfunction.


Larry A.

Larry first stepped onto the road of recovery in the summer of 1987 and found that, for him, the path forward went inward.
He is holding a number of positions within the World Service Organisation and on the Board of Trustees.
Larry is an attorney in private practice, a college professor and a hearing officer.

Our Workshop Leaders

In the next section we'd like to give you a brief overview of our workshop leaders

Deb K. & Saska

Deb & Saska met in a step group in 2012 as strangers, and, over the years, became life-long, bad-ass friends. Their workshop on “Addiction to Excitement / The Inner Drug Store” weaves together their thoughts, dedicated time in Recovery, bodywork, breath, and self-compassion.


Mary Jo L.

Mary Jo is a retired Corporate Trainer and Facilitator who has been on the ACA recovery journey for 31 years. To keep learning and growing, using the tools of the program, she does ACA service work at both the local and WSO level.

Rick J.

Rick J. is the bestselling author of 12 books on marriage, parenting, and masculinity.  A speaker at large conferences around the US and Canada, Rick’s work with men and fathers was recognized when he was invited to the White House as part of the “Champions of Change” ceremony in 2012.

Art S.

Art S. is an adult child, a certified TRE (trauma releasing exercises) provider, a certified Coach, and a certified Massage Therapist.  He lives in San Diego, CA

John D.

John has worked with mentally ill, homeless, & chemically addicted individuals both inside and outside the criminal justice system. He currently works as an addictions counselor assisting men and women to be their authentic selves. He travels nationally, facilitating Intentional Living workshops.

Dave S.

For Dave S. beginning the loving parent/inner child dialogue was a pivotal experience in his ACA recovery.  This workshop allows him to share those "aha moments” and healing dialogue process with his fellow travelers.  

Our Panelists

This last section is showing you the bios of some of our panelists.


Renee H.

The excitement and enthusiasm I feel about the recovery I have personally experienced in the ACA program surpasses all my prior experience.  The comprehensive and inclusive nature of this life changing program gives me so much hope for our future.


Majbrit M.

Majbrit has been in ACA for 8 years, including 5 years doing service for the Danish Fellowship on a national board level. Majbrit has been very active in her ACA recovery.

Margy S.

After reading the Laundry List for the first time, she immediately found an ACA meeting & began studying the ACA 12 steps. After only 6 months in ACA, she started both a step study and an open meeting in her neighborhood.



Charlie H.

Charlie H. has grown up in ACA since 1986. He has sponsored many newcomers and planned Recovery Day programs for the National Capital Area ACA Intergroup. He joined the ACA World Services board of trustees in 2016. 


Lisa F.

She is a gratefully recovering adult child. Since coming to ACA, she’s been on a miraculous journey of self-discovery learning the hidden dimensions of what makes her tick and developing the critical life skills needed to cope more confidently with the unwritten rules of human relationships.


Robert N.

Robert initiated, co-developed and delivered four ACA workshops in the Bay Area: ACA Sponsorship, Self Love, Loving Parent/Inner Child & The Solution is to Become My Own Living Parent.

Naomi A

Naomi A. is a grateful member of ACA, originally from Australia but based in Bali, Indonesia for almost two decades. "Taking my recovery daily into being a global business owner and learning how to honour my recovery in my busy much-loved career world."

Bill D

Bill D. joined ACA in 1985 in South Florida. He has held numerous service positions and is currently a Trustee on the ACA WSO Board. He was last year's host committee chair and the Saturday Keynote Speaker for the inaugural 2016 ACA World Convention. Bill believes service has been his program's guiding beacon after completing the steps.


Kimberly F.

Kimberly is a grateful ACA member and a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.   She has used ACA and her 21 years of teaching yoga and Ayurveda to support her own recovery on every level.

David McB.

David McB. is active in service both locally and nationally. He co-founded an ACA meeting in Miami. He is currently leading a 20-week ACA worldwide step study.


Lisa D.

Lisa joined ACA in 2014. She cofounded a monthly speakers meeting and, in 2016, helped create a daylong ACA seminar in San Diego. She is passionate about creating a safe place for speakers to speak and for listeners to listen, and watching the healing unfold in the process.