ABC Program

ABC: The Annual Business Conference

Each year, the ACA World Service Organization conducts a business meeting, in order to inform the membership, as well as to hear their concerns. Like a group business meeting on a larger scale, the ABC offers financial disclosures and committee reports. The ABC agenda includes time for proposals accepted for discussion. Board members are ratified. Various stages of organizational development are presented.

Every Group and Intergroup is encouraged to send a Delegate for representation – to voice and vote, throughout the conference.

Additionally, Non-delegate members of ACA are welcomed to attend. While unable to discuss or vote, the non-delegates can witness the proceedings, enriching their knowledge of the value and process of a business meeting.

More information will be added to the website from the ABC sub-committee when available.

Agenda | ABC Agenda PDF

Day 1 – Thursday, April 26th

  • Welcome to the Delegates

We start with a delegate orientation session to help you become familiar with general procedures, terminology and your role in the conference. The focus on Day One is on the Officer and Committee reports, and what to expect. We will review the Delegate Binder, including the Board’s Operating Policy and Procedure Manual (OPPM).

  • Introduction to Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will introduce themselves.

  • Call to Order by the Board Chairperson                                                        

The conference will begin with the Serenity Prayer and readings – the 12 Traditions, the Commitment to Service and the Meditation of the Day.  Ratification of the ABC Chairperson will then take place, with that person to then assume their role in the proceedings. 

Officer Reports

To include the following:
The WSO Secretary will offer the minutes from the 2016 ABC.
The WSO Treasurer will present a financial report.

  • Annual Committee Reports

Various committees and subcommittees will report on their activities, since the last ABC.  This may include current and future committee projects. 

  • Special Reports   

In the course of the conference, there will also be more in-depth reporting on the work of certain Committees.  For instance, the Literature Committee may want to more fully introduce the delegation to works in development.

9:00 Delegate Training (9:00 – 10:00)
10:00 Break
10:45 Call to Order
11:15 Officer Reports followed by the start of the Annual Committee Reports
12:00 Lunch ((12:00 – 1:00)
1:00 Annual Committee Reports (continued)
2:30 Break
2:45 Annual Committee Reports (continued)
3:45 Short Fun Activity
4:00 Annual Committee Reports (continued)
4:45 Recap the day; announce the agenda for Day Two; ask if there are items the Delegates would like to be considered as additions to that agenda
5:00 Close with the ACA Serenity Prayer and Adjourn the meeting


Day 2 – Friday, April 27th

  • Welcome Back to the Delegation                                                                                                                   

Delegate Orientation will continue by discussing the main tasks of the second day, which will include voting on the proposals on the agenda. There will be a review of Roberts Rules of Order and how the precepts of 12-Step Programs work with them, including the Traditions and the Concepts of Service.

  • Call to Order by the Conference Chairperson                                                              

Day 2 will begin with the Serenity Prayer and readings that include the Meditation of the Day. This will be followed by an Indigenous Land Acknowledgment and Blessing.  Any important procedural stipulations will be noted.

  • Discussion and Voting on the Proposals

The outcome of the discussion and voting on each proposal will be a recommendation to the Board – to consider adoption of the proposal, or not. Throughout the proceedings, with constant adherence to Robert’s Rules, the voice of the minority opinion shall be given thoughtful consideration.

  • New Business

As time allows, there will be an opportunity to explore new business that has bearing on the functioning of the ABC, WSO and that will affect the fellowship as a whole.  Several items are already on the agenda, which can be modified if other new business is raised, by the delegates

  • Ratification of the WSO Board of Trustees                                                                                   

Confirm continuing Trustees and those who have been nominated since the last ABC.

  • Adjourn the Conference
9:00 Delegate Training (9:00 – 10:30)
10:30 Break
10:45 Call to Order
11:00 Technology demonstration for voting
11:15 Discuss Proposals
12:00 Lunch (12:00 – 1:00)
1:00 Finish Proposals
1:45 Fun Break
2:00 Service Structure’s presentation on Regions
2:45 Break
3:00 Volunteer/Service work
3:15 Meeting safety and predatory behavior
4:00 Technology demonstration on new website, etc.
4:20 Ask the Board – a Board Q&A
4:45 Board Ratification
5:00 ACA Serenity Prayer and Adjournment

Post-ABC:  Board of Trustees Meeting
After the conference, there is a Board meeting to which all are invited.  The time and place will be announced.  At this meeting they affirm the officers and committee chairpersons, and they review the motions from the conference for next steps.