AWC Program

Become Your Own Loving Parent, our theme, will be explored in a diverse program of world speakers and healing workshops.  Our recovery will be strengthened with presentations focused on the ACA Steps and Laundry List.  And safe play and expression will allow our Inner Child(ren) to emerge and connect with our own Inner Loving Parent.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join your global ACA fellowship!  Register now, while space is available.  (We are expecting a large turnout.)

The 2018 program is being developed, in the meantime we thought you would appreciate a taste of what is to come…….

There will be a multitude of workshops offering insight, healing, and empowerment.  Highlights include….

FROM LOST TO FOUND — The Power of Self-Love:  Protecting oneself from the dangers of being in a relationship with a narcissist

Learn how to identify the personality traits of a narcissist and why a relationship with someone with this personality can be toxic for ACAers.   Anyone who has experienced the self-doubt, confusion and devastation that can result from being in a relationship with a narcissist will no doubt find this workshop to be a refreshing source of healing and light.

Light of Stone:  The reading of an original play

Experience the life changing journey of an ACA fellow traveler, brought to life through music and images.  This artistic representation courageously brings to life the story of one ACA’s experience of family dysfunction and eventual spiritual awakening.  A must see!

Knowing that You’re Well……Demystifying Behaviours

One of the most powerful offerings at the 2017 ACA World Convention and back by popular demand!  Learn ways to let go of old debilitating behaviours to become more self-loving and compassionate toward your inner child.  Highly engaging, not to miss!

Healing Music

Connect with your inner child in song. Experience the recovery journey of an ACA fellow traveler through the sharing of her beautiful original songs. 

The Intimacy Gram: How to Make a Diagram of Your Current Life

Have you ever felt like a child lost in a large park or crowded store, wishing for a safe adult to find and guide you to safety?  Like a GPS dot on a map, this workshop offers strategies on allowing your loving parent to guide you toward a more balanced way of living through “the intimacy gram,” a way of diagramming your life that can provide empowerment insight and security. 

Loving parent/Inner Child Non- dominant   Handwriting Workshop

Embrace the opportunity to improve the dialog between your inner loving parent and your inner child.  Participants will be led through a guided meditation followed by group participation in a non-dominant handwriting exercise and a sharing of experiences and insights. 

12 Steps in 12 Minutes,

Experience the twelve steps broken down into their simplest form.   Participants will be guided through the 12 steps in a short time frame to help them recognize just how much power they really do have. 

Stay tuned, we will be posting additional workshops and keynotes in the next several weeks. Our 3rd ACA World Convention is going to be a healing event you won’t want to miss. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon……….