2020 Online Annual Business Conference

The Annual Business Conference will be held remotely April 23-24, by Zoom Teleconferencing.

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the 2020 Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention will not take place in Florida.  

Important Information:

  • The 2020 Annual Business Conference (ABC) will be conducted entirely online through Zoom teleconferencing.
  • All Delegates, even those who previously registered as Remote Delegates, will need to re-register as an Online Delegate for the 2020 ABC being held on Zoom.  (see the link below)
  • The hotel has cancelled room reservations.
  • WSO has issued refunds for all 2020 ABC/AWC meals, events, registration fees, and scholarship donations.  If there is an issue with your refund, please send an email to refund@acawso.org.

2020 Online ABC Information

Even if you previously registered as a delegate (even as a Remote Delegate), you must register again for the Online Annual Business Conference. 

WSO also plans to livestream the online ABC for members who wish to observe.


Please continue to watch this page for details.

2020 AWC Information:

Based upon fellowship feedback, we are looking at doing a remote Annual World Convention in 2020. We will also keep you updated on these plans as we have more information.



Updated – Important Delegate Dates

Delegate Training for the 2020 Online ABC has been scheduled for the following dates and times.  If you have any questions, please contact dtsc@acawso.org. The deadline for registering for the 2020 Online ABC is Monday, April 20th at 12 PM Eastern. Delegate Training...

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Refunds for the 2020 AWC

ACA WSO is issuing full refunds for all 2020 AWC purchases – this includes Registrations, meals, and scholarship donations. This is due to the COVID-19 emergency.  These refunds should be completed by Friday March 27th. If you have any questions about your refund,...

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Modified Robert’s Rules of Order

Here are Robert's Rules of order, which have been modified and approved by the Board.  They will be used for the 2020 Annual Business Conference. Download the PDF [pdf-embedder...

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2020 Ballot Proposal – Votes due by March 31st

ACA World Service received 16 Proposals in response to a Request for Proposals that was sent to all groups in August. On behalf of the Fellowship, we wish to thank the submitting groups for their efforts. These Proposals have been evaluated by WSO (the Board and...

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Shareable QR Code for Ballot Proposals

Need a quick way to share the Ballot Proposals with group members?  You can Download and share this QR Code for quick access to the 2020 ABC Ballot Proposals.  Some groups have printed it so members can scan it with their phone to quickly access the Ballot Proposal...

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