ACA World Convention 2019

Welcome to AWC 2019 – The 4th world convention

Many children grow up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes. This upbringing can negatively impact skills needed to lead a harmonious life with workable relationships as adults. Some adults continue their childhood traumas by stuffing their feelings, repeating scenarios, engage in negative self-talk, act out on traits, create drama, or become addicts themselves.

This year the world convention theme is Courage to Change. The ACA Convention provides a safe environment where Adult Children can meet like-minded Fellow Travellers, gain greater insight into their recovery, and help spread the ACA message to those who still suffer.

We welcome you to Malmoe! Come and be a part of our fellowship!

Duration: the AWC registration opens at 2 pm on Friday 26th April, and the last meeting ends 2 pm on Sunday 28th. See below for information on meals, registration, the program, conference language and translation and more.




Conference language