2022 ACA World Convention(AWC)

Saturday and Sunday May 21-22


2022 AWC – Two Workshop Rooms & an ACA Meeting Room

AWC Links to be mailed out on April 18th and again on April 20th

AWC Registration Form

All are welcome to attend the AWC

Registration open thoughout the event

AWC Schedule

Three 2022 AWC Zoom Rooms

Air Room – Workshops
Water Room – Workshops
Fellowship Room – ACA Meetings

AWC Meeting Room Signup

Signup to host an ACA Meeting during the 2022 AWC

AWC Zoom Tech Help Need

Zoom techs coordinate with workshop hosts to do tasks such as share a screen, call on people for questions, etc.  The presenter will communicate their needs to you.

Floor Motions

2022 ABC Floor Motions

ABC Main Points of The Discussion

Here you’ll find materials from each proposal’s discussion as it occurred during 2022 ABC.

Recovering Together

We admit that recovery is not easy, but the rewards are great if you can stick with it and stay focused.  We will not deny that there is pain and challenge ahead.  You will not have to do this alone.  BRB p. 51